Therapeutical dogs

Date: 2-3. Nov. 2017

We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

The nearness of animals resolves tension, helps communication, motivates, gives strength, so in one word : cures.

What is the two day program about?
We wellcome the registration of helathcare providers, teachers, social workers, dog trainers and everybody interested in this workshop.

• Let us get to know it!
General introduction about therapeutical and supporting dogs (dogs for blind, disabled, deaf, dogs for personal assintance and epileptic seizure prognostic), features of team-work.
• What do dogs give you?
Practice, so that we can feel the success with the dog. Dog as mental support.
• Dogs in healthcare
Dog assisted therapy in healthcare. Therapeutic work with the elderly, mentally or physically disabled, severely handicapped.
• This is how the team works
Framework of optimal teamwork. Problematic situations during teamwork. Communication between specialist during therapy.
• Personal prospect
What can you do, how can you use dogs on your field of work. your social media marketing partner