Cesarian section – VBAC – supporting communication

Under organisation

We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

We wellcome the registration of obstetritions, midwifes, nusres, doctors, primary care nurses,  doulas, perinatal consultants, psychologists and all people doing supporting work / charity workers.

What is the two days’ program about?

Day 1.

  • Physiological effect of cesarian section on mother and newborn
  • Indications of cesarian section
  • When the mother wants the
  • Cesarian section as a loss
  • How can we support the mother, the father and the baby during cesarian section
  • Support after operation

Day 2.

  • Vaginal birth after cesarian section (VBAC) – trend or possibility?
  • Real risks, and how to avoid them
  • Why is VBAC differenc – mental and physical aspects
  • Preparation, the processing of previous experiances
  • What can you do as a supporter
  • What, if it ends as cesarian section again?
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