III. PAF Conference, 2017 – Passion and science healthcare


Our mission is to restore the passion and self-respect of healthcare providers. We improve the cooperation between hospitals and the relationship between patients and healthcare workers. Our aim is to strengthen the self-healing capability of the organizations acting in the healthcare system”

         Andrea Mezei, President of PAF Foundation


PAF Foundation is committed in making real, developing and spreading the healing power of human connection. In 2017, we are organizing our 3rd conference for more humanity in healthcare. Our experiences are now proved by scientific research: humanity in healthcare, empathy has positive impact on both healthcare-providers and the healing capability of patients.

Empathy can decrease pain – According to RTC (randomized controlled trial) research, if you give empathy to the patient while preparing her/him for the operation, the operation turns out tom be more successful, wounds heal faster, half as much painkiller is needed and the patient can be emitted faster.

Patient-centered care decreases the cost of healthcare – In institutes, where doctors gave above-average patient-centered care, the cost of medical attendance decreased by 30%.

The mortality rate between pessimists and optimists is the same as between smokers and non-smokers.

The organizers and speakers of the conference believe, that we can bring back the fading passion in curing. 


The web-page of the III. PAF Conference – Passion and science in healthcare


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