II. PAF Conference 2016 – Organization developers in healthcare


Motto: „Connection heals”

More and more healthcare institute leader realizes the importance of human development. Turning towards the patients, sympathy and compassion can only be part of the medical work, if the leaders make self-conscious effort towards developing the competences and psychological well-being of their workers of the healing community.

Many research proves, that humanity in cure has positive impact on both the remedials and the patients. The positive remedial-patient connection not only improves compliance, making the time of rehabilitation shorter, but also serves as prevention against the burnout healthcare workers.

During our conference healthcare leaders shared the experience they had about human development and its’ impact.

Sponsors of the conference: Delta Source Kft., Medical Tribune, International Coach Federation, HVG, Affidea Hungary Kft, National Militery Hopsital NICU, Semmelweis University, Kapszli and our volunteers: doctors, resident year doctors, healthcare specialists, psychologists, organization developers, trainers, coaches, mental hygienic workers, journalists, PR and marketing specialists.


8.30-9.00 Arrival

9.00-9.30 Opening ceremony (Host: Péter Generál and Katalin Pataki, GROW), Andrea Mezei (PAF)
9.30-9.40  Patient focus Dr. Andrea Ficzere , Uzsoki Street Hospita, director 
9.40-10.00 What is giraffe all about? – Dr. Borbála, St. Margaret Hospital, Developmental Neurology
10.00-10.20 A word, that makes reality – First aid in stress – developmental process in Uzsoki Street Hospital Emergency Ward – Áron Levendel, Kaptár
10.20-10.40 Small-group workshop: the interactive discussion about the presentations

10.40-11.00 Coffee barke

11.00-11.20 Service development form for-profit to non-profitba – György Leitner, Affidea Hungary, managing director
11.20-11.50 One word rebirth – Csaba Nádor, Eszter Bodrogi (National Military Hospital NICU), Andrea Mezei, Márton Bodor (PAF)
11.50-12.00 Why would we do it different, if it can be done like this? – about forwarding the good practice – Judit Sződy (PAF)
12.00-12.30 Small-group workshop: the interactive discussion about the presentations

12.30-13.45 Lunch

13.45-14.05 Improving effectivity at the Emergency Department – Dr. Zsolt Bognár, Heim Pál Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, head of department

14.05-14.20 Healthy psychosomatics – Experiences from abroad – Nóra Soós, Klinik Lahnhöhe (D) 
14.20-14.30 Hearts in Healthcare – Robin Youngson (New-Zeeland) video-massage

14.30-14.40 Generation for the future (GAJ) – the hungraian example- Dr. Dániel Kulin

14.40-15.00 Coffee brake

15.00-15.45 Roundtabel: Dr. Andrea Ficzere (Uzsoki Street Hospital, director), Dr. Erika Borbényi (Semmelweis University, Oncology Center, chief physician) Dr. Zsombor Kunetz (healthcare service developer), Dr. István Fedor (doctor, orvos, organization developer,  Flow), Mihály Mészáros (writer of the book “I had cancer, but it’s over! I suppose ), György Leitner (managing director, Affidea), Vera Gergely (communication consultant, vilagosbeszed.hu)

15.45-16.00 Questions and answers
16.00-16.30 Small-group workshop: the interactive discussion about the day’s program
16.30-17.15 Momentán Társulat – Was like this, will be like this – improvisation theater performance

17.15-17.30 Big-group commitments
17.30-17:45 Acknowledgement and farewell




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