Stressfree neonatal care

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We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop. 

What is the two days’ program about?

  • How can it be comfortable and safe at the same time?
    Our workshop gives you an insight in a model, that foreign countries and a lot of hungarian neonatal intensive care units use. It puts the mother-newborn unity in center. It focuses on the stressfree welcome of the baby, the support of the new parents, on the non-invasive techniques of handling and new aspects of medication and nurturing.
  • The needs of the newborn
    We need to keep in focus, that beside the maintenance of vital functions, regardless of the gestational age, babies also need the closeness and safety, that their parents provide. How can we supply this within clinical circumstances?
  • The needs of the parents
    Parents usually do not feel competent in nurturing the newborn baby, especially if the baby arrived early. What does kangaroo-method and special breastfeeding support mean? How can we improve cooperation and empathy?
  • How the team works
    The team should have uniform approach of medical attendance, which is made to protect the babies and their parents. These guidelines should be well known and kept strictly by all team member.
  • Personal prospect
    What can you do on your field of work? How can you use this model in your institute? your social media marketing partner