Natural childbirth – supportive communication

Date: 3-4. Oct. 2017.

We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

We wellcome the registration of midwifes, nusres, doctors, obstetritions, primary care nurses, doulas, perinatal consultants, psychologists and all people doing supporting work / charity workers

What is the two day program about?
- If there is no serious medical indication for intervention, natural birth is the ideal way of delivery for moth baby and mother.
- What does the term “natural birth” mean? Arguments for and contra-arguments against natural birth.
- What happens, when everything goes on its natural way?
- How can we support the mother, father and baby during delivery?
- Which are the signs, that show the need for intervention?
- Do we need pain?
- Should the father be there?
- What psychological turning points to presume on?
- How to be present, when there is nothing to do? Are we really “doing nothing”? your social media marketing partner