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Taxnumber: 18214992-1-42

What do we do?

WE COLLECT AND SPREAD GOOD PRACTICES – We seek everyday heroes of the healthcare system. Doctors, nurses and other experts who are willing to choose patient’s wellbeing instead of bureaucracy, who are compassionate, make connection to their patients and make a stand for humanity in healing. We give a PAF-award to the everyday heroes, and make their work an example to all.

WE ORGANISE TRAINING AND CONFERENCES – These events focus on sensitizing and forming the attitude of people, giving them chance to get new insight and learn new skills by self-experience based learning. Our primary themes are: differences in culture (romany patients), doctor-patient communication, breastfeeding and stress-free premature care, animal-assisted therapies, palliative care (hospice), how to tell bad news, tune up to patients, human dignity.

WE DEVELOP IN HOPSITAL – We develop whole institutes or individual hospital wards with organization- and leadership developmental, teambuilding methods, and individual coaching. As a result, workers make a better team, they can make better use of their resources, they feel better at work, they work more effective. The culture-forming effect of organization-development has a powerful positive impact on the operation, the leadership, the standard of the medical attendance and the


What do we use your 1% for?

If you agree with our goals, please give 1% of your tax to PAF – Humanity In Healthcare Foundation for Public Utility.

With this money, we would like to support the following projects:

  • 8-10 two-day PAF workshops
  • two one-day PAF conferences
  • support our ongoing projects in hospitals, and start 2-3 new developmental projects in other hospitals





You can use these fixed donation keys to help our work:

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