About us

We are enthusiastic civil people (healthcare providers, university lecturers, organization developers, trainers, coaches, media professionals) who work together cheerfully and volunteerly with health institutes, doctors, nurses, other paramedics and sick people to make Hungarian healthcare more human.

What do we do?

WE ORGANISE TRAINING AND CONFERENCES – These events focus on sensitizing and forming the attitude of people, giving them chance to get new insight and learn new skills by self-experience based learning. Our primary themes are: differences in culture (romany patients), doctor-patient communication, breastfeeding and stress-free premature care, animal-assisted therapies, palliative care (hospice), how to tell bad news, tune up to patients, human dignity.

WE DEVELOP IN HOPSITAL – We develop whole institutes or individual hospital wards with organization- and leadership developmental, teambuilding methods, and individual coaching. As a result, workers make a better team, they can make better use of their resources, they feel better at work, they work more effective. The culture-forming effect of organization-development has a powerful positive impact on the operation, the leadership and the standard of the medical attendance.

WE COLLECT AND SPREAD GOOD PRACTICES – We seek everyday heroes of the healthcare system. Doctors, nurses and other experts who are willing to choose patient’s wellbeing instead of bureaucracy, who are compassionate, make connection to their patients and make a stand for humanity in healing. We give a PAF-award to the everyday heroes, and make their work an example to all.


  1. In 2013 we won a EU project, and made a “nonviolent communication” training for 300 nurses in Nyíregyháza, Jósa András Hospital.
  2. In 2013 we arranged a conference: It won’t hurt – Human remedy in pediatrics
    We organized two day workshops about the most popular topics of the conference.
  3. On the grounds of these workshop, we came up with an innovative method, which led us
    our next conference in 2014: Doctor treats – connection heals. It was a self-experience based conference with more than 100 participants.
  4. In 2014 we started our organization-development work in two hospitals: Semmelweis
    University 1st. Department of Pediatrics and Heim Pál Children’s Hospital Emergency Department. We made a diagnostic procedure in Semmelweis, and we will continue with attitude forming a skill obtaining training. In Heim Pál, we went through the whole developmental procedure in 2016. In 2015, we also stareted working in St. Margaret Hospital Develomental Neurology Department with two-day attitude forming and nonviolent communication workshops.



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