Supporting breastfeeding

Date: 13-14. Nov. 2017

We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

We wellcome the registration of midwifes, nurses, doctors, primary care nurses,  doulas, lactation consultants, and all people doing supporting work.

What is the two day program about?

  • Do we care about breastfeeding?
    How can we support the breastfeeding mother and her baby? How can we do it even better?
  • Do we know, what to do?
    A baby gets enough milk if he suckles effective. Detect the problems of suckling! Which position is good for the mother and the baby? How to help after cesarian section.
  • Does the mother understand her baby?
    What does “breastfeeding on demand” mean? When is milk too much or too little? Where to put the dummy? Why do mothers have pain in the breast? Why do babies have stomach ache? How can you help in everyday breastfeeding?
  • Do we know what the mother wants?
    Do we understand her, or just overwhelm her with information? Try to avoid communication misunderstanding! Support her in what she needs!
  • Special situations, special needs
    Premature, sick baby in the family. Disorders of the baby, the mother, mental, social problems or unfortunate family situations may require special support.
  • Where our competence ends

How to realise, that we are at our limits of competence, and done, what we could possibly do? When to ask for other specialists’ help?

We focus on critical communication situations, practice how to recognize and solve them. your social media marketing partner