Romany/gipsy patients in the healthcare system

Under organisation

We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

We wellcome the registration of healthcare providers, teachers, social workers, doulas, lactation consultants and everybody interested in this workshop.

What is the two days’ program about?

  • Let’s get to know it!

As the minority can learn the habits, beliefs, feasts and communication of the majority, so can it done be vica versa.

  • How to make the words reach their goal?
    The loss of information in doctor-patient communication happens in many cases, but skills of effective communication can be learned. There is real importance who to address our message in the romany population. We should be aware of the structure of the romany families.
  • Are all romanies the same?
    Off course not! We are all individuals, but it’s good to know, which Hungarian romany population the family comes from. We learn a bit about the coulture, dressing, habit of different subcultures.
  • How am I with my prejudices.
    Assignment, attribution is necessary to orientate ourselfs in the world, but when they become preconception, they can block the flexibility, open-mindedness, acceptance and finally communication.
  • Positive viruses
    You can improve your knowledge and communication skills. The question is how you can use it and spread it further on? your social media marketing partner