Our mission is to restore the passion and self-respect of healthcare providers. We improve the cooperation between hospitals and the relationship between patients and healthcare workers. Our aim is to strengthen the self-healing capability of the organizations acting in the healthcare system”

         Andrea Mezei, President of PAF Foundation


PAF Foundation is committed in making real, developing and spreading the healing power of human connection. In 2017, we are organizing our 3rd conference for more humanity in healthcare. Our experiences are now proved by scientific research: humanity in healthcare, empathy has positive impact on both healthcare-providers and the healing capability of patients.


Motto: „Connection heals”

More and more healthcare institute leader realizes the importance of human development. Turning towards the patients, sympathy and compassion can only be part of the medical work, if the leaders make self-conscious effort towards developing the competences and psychological well-being of their workers of the healing community.

Many research proves, that humanity in cure has positive impact on both the remedials and the patients. The positive remedial-patient connection not only improves compliance, making the time of rehabilitation shorter, but also serves as prevention against the burnout healthcare workers.


PAF – For more humanity in healthcare Conference
Inspiring people and best practices in the healthcare system
Communication between software engineers and healthcare


The aim of our program is to sensitize people, so that they understand each other’s situation. We would like people visiting our conference to be able to bring on the possibility of positive workdays, the good practices, the capability of doing something and the inspiration that they get here. We would like to give back the faith and self-esteem to the workers of the healthcare system, and to strengthen their commitment.