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 Honesty in an emergency

Honesty in an emergency

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We offer an interactive, practice oriented, self-experience based workshop.

We wellcome the registration of doctors, healthcare professionals, primary care nurses, doulas, psychologists, social workers, special education teachers and wets.

What is the two days’ program about?
• Hard situations
Telling bad news is just as hard as getting it. This is the reason, why many people avoid these situations, or they tell it to the patient or the family in an objectified manner. If we could communicate it right, it would ease the further cooperation with the patient.
• Patient’s needs
Both the patient and his/her family needs honesty. For honest communication we need to understand their state of mind.
• The doctor’s needs
Many studies showed, that one of the hardest thing for doctors is telling bad news. Learning some skills for communicating bad news, we can decrease our fear and distress in these situations, and as a result keep our mental well-being.
• Sharing experience
Almost every healthcare specialist came across the situation of telling bad news or helping people cope with a loss. During the two days of the workshop, we will share our experiences and tools of solving these situations.
• Personal prospect
What can you do on your field of work? How can you use this model in your institute?


02 September 2017


for doctors, for charity workers, for paramedics


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